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Whether your trees need a simple pruning or complete removal, Finest Tree Service in Tucson has the expertise to get the job done. Working with a wide variety of clients - from communities, individual homeowners and businesses to government and civic organizations - we can offer the right solutions to address your tree care concerns.

Bryan Jackson, experienced in tree trimming and tree removal or any kind of tree service, sensed an opportunity and saw the need for a good tree service company in Tucson. Bryan formed Finest Tree Service in 2004, beginning with smaller jobs in Tucson. He understood that his long-term success depended solely on satisfied, repeat customers.

We stay familiar with area tree issues and industry standards to deliver the high-quality service you expect. We can complete a one-time service or have ongoing maintenance options for any size of outdoor space.

Finest Tree Service in Tucson, AZ

Services Offered:

  • Tree Trimming and Pruning
  • Tree Takedown and Removal
  • Custom Lot Clearing
  • Design Phase Tree Selection
  • Cabling and Bracing
  • Stump Removal

Finest Tree Service in Tucson has stuck to these goals, which is proven by their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

By continuing to provide prompt responses for bid requests with more affordable prices, safely performing their tree service projects in Tucson, always following meticulous clean up procedures and exceeding customer expectations, Finest Tree Service, is now celebrating over a decade of success.

Finest Tree Service in Tucson continued success has enabled them to invest in the best tree care equipment, resulting in customers receiving estimates based in hours, not days. When you choose Finest Tree Service in Tucson you are not only getting the finest, but the best tree service company in Tucson.

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Our exceptional customer service based in Tucson, AZ, includes convenient appointments, a prompt arrival, free estimates, and affordable rates. Our business is a member of the Better Business Bureau, and our top objective is always your satisfaction with the work.

  • Vanessa B.

    5 Star Review

    The name says it all! Bryan was friendly and professional on the phone and came by that same day to give me an estimate. The price was very reasonable. Finest Trees did a wonderful job trimming my two palm trees and one Chilean mesquite (with massive thorns). Bryan and his crew arrived on time, trimmed the trees to increase the time before more maintenance was needed, and left my yard looking better than when they arrived. He even cut down a dead tree stump that I've been neglecting. I highly recommend Finest Trees Service.

  • Jane L.

    5 Star Review

    Finest Trees did a wonderful job cleaning up our property after a recent move to Tucson. Bryan was very professional and a pleasure to work with. He arrived right on schedule and worked diligently throughout the day along with his crew to get the job done. Bryan did not try to hard sell me on unnecessary services. Instead, he helped come up with a longterm plan to maintain the property over time. Finest Trees removed a dead tree from the front of our property (it was riddled with mistletoe and looked quite unsightly). Many neighbors walked by, giving his work a "thumbs up." All in all, if you're looking for a professional company with competitive pricing and excellent personal service, I would highly recommend Finest Tree Service.

  • Marcus S.

    5 Star Review

    Bryan and crew removed a very large Eucalyptus Tree from our yard. Bryan was courteous, prompt and professional through out the process providing a competitive bid and reminder and follow up calls for the visit. The work far exceeded my expectations and the team left the property clean and without damage. I would highly recommend Finest Tree Service...I have had many other tree/yard service vendors and Bryan rises to the top of the heap.

Minimize Future Problems

Removal of dead, dying, diseased, interfering and obstructive limbs is the best method of maintaining tree health and appearance.

Pruning increases air circulation and effectively helps to prevent disease and insect problems above the soil line.

Pruning decreases wind resistance and reduces the risk of mechanical stress leading to structural failure.

Corrective and developmental pruning can eliminate structural problems before they happen.

Pruning provides a safer and more enjoyable living and working environment for people as well as protecting personal property.

Keeping Your Trees Green with a Finest Tree Service

The trees on your property increase your home's value and are good for the ecosystem. It is in your best interest to keep your trees well-maintained to preserve their beauty, retain the value of your property, and avoid unexpected health or growth issues. While trees can be an asset to your home, over time they can grow to become a nuisance. An experienced Finest Tree Service can help with your tree problems. Allow a Finest Tree Service to prune or trim your trees. In some cases, you might need them to remove the tree, or remove a stump.

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Determining Whether Your Trees Need a Finest Tree Service

Overgrown trees pose an extreme hazard around utility lines. Fallen or wayward branches can cause fires, electrical spikes, surges, and even outages. Falling trees or branches can down utility lines, and if the line isn't severed, it may still conduct electricity. People or pets that approach the downed wire are at risk of severe injury and death. If you've noticed one or more of your trees dangerously close to a power line, you should call the professionals at a Finest Tree Service in Tucson to remedy this situation immediately. They can reduce or eliminate the risk of rotten, overgrown, and wayward branches striking the power lines.

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Finest Tree Service: Removing Unsightly Stumps and Dead Trees

If a tree is badly placed or dead, it may need to be uprooted and removed. Likewise, if you have large stumps in your yard, the health and beauty of your lawn would be improved by removing it. If you have a stump in your yard, you've probably puzzled over how to remove it. Finest Tree Service in Tucson has access to specialized equipment for this difficult task. They use a grinder to wear the stump down. The way it was done in the past was to manually dig or tear the stump from the ground. This caused a great deal of damage to the property, and would often leave behind a tangle of old tree roots that was nearly impossible to dispose of.

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More Reasons to Call a Finest Tree Service in Tucson

Problems will inevitably crop up as your trees mature. As you watch your trees grow over the years, you might realize they're starting to encroach on dangerous territory: utility lines, your roof, and your neighbor's gutters. Dead limbs, rotting branches, foliage too dense for sunlight to penetrate and pest infestation are all common problems with mature and aging trees.

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